What would you do if you could travel free anyplace in the world?

Not only would it have to be free, but time would not have to be a factor.  Meaning, I’d need to suspend time in some way.  It can take YEARS to travel the world.  I’d want to somehow control time so that I could deeply travel and not have years fly away from me.

I would want to visit: the Orkneys, Scandinavia, Egypt, ancient sites in the Middle East.

Maybe I’d want to visit every single place in the world. Also what would be important to me, since we’re fantasizing here, would be the ability to instantly transport myself somewhere. No planes, train rides, boats or cars.  Just will myself there.

I wouldn’t mind visiting other planets as well! I would love to explore alien civilizations, learn their histories, philosophies, religions, and cultural events.

Perhaps I just want it all. 🙂