Kitten Video Cuteness

Warning! Warning! Kitten cuteness! If you cannot handle awesome kitten cuteness, do not watch this video! smile emoticon My new kittens are getting bigger and braver. They are playing (finally) outside of my bedroom, where their litterbox and food are. When I first got them, they hid in the chimney of my bedroom (I have a small fireplace in my bedroom) For 10 days they were either in the bedroom chimney or in my room playing. A few days ago they finally ventured out of my bedroom and started playing in my living room. The tuxedo is still very skittish and reserved (is picky about when he gets petted and still startles very easily). The grey kitten is much more extroverted and braver. They have both met the older cat in the house. It’s a cautious relationship. Older kitty has hissed and growled, but otherwise non-aggressive. Kittens are curious about him, but cautious and hang back.

why this seems to be upside down I have no idea!!!