The World of the Healer

The healers have all left our world.
We had them once….healers of the spirit
Nurturers of souls….
Those who blessed us and made our hearts function.
I want to bring them back — but I cannot find them.
Why are there ones who think they do not need the healing care
Of gentle hands and accepting words?
Our hearts are alone…we are afraid…we do not allow ourselves
To speak our inner worries and doubts.
We fear the judgement and intolerance of those whom we love
And the criticism and rejection of those with whom we have no relationship.
If we had a healer, we would have a bridge of hands:
The healer holding my hand and also one of your hands.
In this way, we’d know each other’s thoughts, feelings, sorrows and triumphs.
We would know how not alone we are — we would know that we are never alone.

©2015 Frances Ann Osborne