The Gift of Our Very Human Grace

I do not believe in the Grace of God — because there may not be a god, any god, out there willing to donate some to me.
I have love and mercy within me….
but it is not a gift from a deity or the Universe.
I generate it within myself.
Grace is a practice rather than a divine gift.
Because we can give grace to ourselves and to others, but we often fail to do so.
We have to remember to offer it freely —
We have to remember to not expect anything in return for it —
This is most difficult to do!
Grace is an action on our part.
We live grace when we feed and clothe the less fortunate,
Live it when we forgive and forget,
Realize it when we offer of ourselves to those who do not need it,
Do not deserve it,
Do not want it.
Because it’s easy to deliver grace to the grateful, to the needy,
To the deserving, to the pleasing, to the desiring.
And certainly we should give it to those people!
But our true measure is the gift of our grace to the ugly,
To the repulsive ones, the unwashed, unwanted and unwanting,
To the angry, to those who are difficult to bear.

©2015 Frances Ann Osborne