Being Gay is No Big Deal

Anne Hathaway discusses her attitude about homosexuality, her brother, and gay marriage.

I sooooo agree with her. Why is is “brave” to come out as a decent, loving, accepting human being? It’s not “brave” to openly love one’s brother or sister, son or daughter, mother or father, friend or fellow human being.

You can make the argument that Christianity forbids engaging in homosexual love. It’s true — it does. No getting around that. The Old Testament is pretty clear about that.  BUT. It does not forbid its followers from loving, accepting or being decent to them.  God loves and accepts and asks us to do the same. It is not up to us imperfect humans to judge another’s imperfections, choices, inclinations, leanings or makeup (sexual, personality, etc or otherwise).

You might wonder why I, as a non-Christian, address this meme and issue with references to God, the Bible and Christianity. I think it’s because as a UU we do accept Christianity as a religious source. Plus, I’d prefer to discuss religious objections to homosexuality within the context of that particular religion. (And I do have an advantage of having been raised within Episcopalianism growing up) UU itself has no issue at all with a person’s sexuality.  Also, when I write the word “God” there’s always this translation in my head from “God” to “Universe” or “Spirit of Life.” When I hear a Christian/Jew/Muslim say the word “God” I do a similar translation.

Is Kim Davis brave? Yeah. I don’t agree with her at all. But I guess she is “brave” in the same way. She stood up for her beliefs, she took a lot of criticism, she has endured being the most hated woman in the US. (Currently. That could change 5 minutes from now!!!!) I’m certainly NOT crazy about her at all. I don’t despise her, I don’t have anger towards her.  I certainly DO NOT HAVE much sympathy for her. But the UU in me respects her dignity and right to conscious as a human being — even as I’ll contend she needs to step down from her job if she finds she is unable to perform the duties her job asks her to do.  I fail to understand why she does not accept our Constitution’s separation of church and state. Her religious beliefs should not interfere with her performance of her public duty.

Which calls to mind Ben Carson’s statement that he thinks a Muslim cannot or should not be the President of the United States…. which is probably another blog post!

On Racism…

While I believe everyone has a right to their opinion and the right to express it, even opinions that are ugly or hateful or exclusionary or racist, I say make your point and be done with it. Hitting people over the head constantly with it does no one any good. It wins no adherents, convinces no one, and just turns people off. A constructive discussion on race and racism is good — demeaning and badgering people not so good. The US is a hotbed right now, let’s not further the divisiveness, instead let us be together in peace in all our commonalities and in all our differences.

Nothing brings people together like adversity or conflict. Sounds counter intuitive, I know. But I believe it. When we are challenged by our beliefs, challenged by people who disagree (even virulently) we react, think, change, unify. It helps to clarify our beliefs.

To me racism is just scapegoating….i.e. “the world would be better if…” or “things are bad because of….” What is joyous to me is that Germany, who scapegoated several ethnicities, is NOW ACCEPTING 500,000 SYRIAN REFUGEES A YEAR. Oh, so beautiful to me.

Blessings to all in the whole world, you are blessed by Spirit and the Divine, you are all worthy human beings. All of you. Without exception. Even the racist guy, the bigot, the asshole, the jerk, he (she) too has the blessings of the Spirit who hopefully works through them and heals them of their anger and pain.

If you are wondering – yeah, this post was inspired by several threads that I saw on a Facebook forum and I could not help but respond….

Let Go and Let the Universe

“One is never so rich in friends that one can afford to toss them in the trash like disposable plates.” — me. Posted today on Facebook in response to another posting about someone who unfriends people just for disagreeing with her.

I hope this lady reads this, though the likelihood that she will is practically nil. As far as I know, she doesn’t know about this blog and she’s pretty much unfriended everyone on FB for disagreeing with her.

I never could understand why I was supposed to accept her viewpoints and opinions and express unconditional respect, but was never given the same in return. She felt she  had the right to control what I had to say and what I could express and feel. I had to agree with her.  I had to respect her opinions.  But if I had a nuanced opinion, not necessarily a disagreement, all hell would break loose.

If you cannot handle someone disagreeing or not being in full accord with you, then you have issues.  A strong need for control, a deep insecurity, a total disconnect with reality.  To love someone, you accept that they will be at variance with you.  This is what it means by the UU 1st Principle: The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person. A person has worth and dignity even when they are totally different from you. Even if you don’t like them.

And our 2nd Principle: Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement to Spiritual Growth in Our Congregations.

Keyword here — acceptance of one another.  We all differ, we all have disagreements and sometimes our disagreements seem insurmountable. I’ve seen this in my own congregation. One cannot get 100+ people together and have them agree. It’s impossible. Sometimes (perhaps frequently?) there will be deep divisions in opinions. Does this mean we cannot be friends or work together? When I see this dynamic going on in my congregation, I often think that the best attitude is “Let go and let the Universe handle this.”

Let go…sometimes you have to let go….in order to help facilitate the change you would like to see in the world.  You have to let the other person follow their own path, their own conscience. Let it take its own road, see what happens. Perhaps their path was the right one, and you are the one that needs to change directions.

If you want people to accept you, your opinions, your path, your attitudes — do the same for them. You do not have to agree with them to accept them as human beings doing the best they can in a world that is often confusing and crazy. You deserve the same kind of acceptance even if they don’t agree with you.