Spiritual Tolls….

You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate this article: The Spiritual Toll of Constant Entertainment: How has binge-watching culture affected our relationship with God?

I’m a binge watcher of TV. I deliberately wait until either a TV show has quite a number of seasons to watch or even better, the series has ENDED and I can binge watch the whole series. And if a show has a lot of seasons (instead of just one or two because of poor ratings cancellation), why that’s even better.

Some series that I have binge watched and cried when they ended…
The 4400
Star Trek The Next Generation
Babylon 5
Supernatural (ongoing bingeing!)
and more…just can’t think of them right now. But that should give you a good indication of what I like.

I think the author’s saving grace, though, is that he does wish to be spiritual and wants to devote more time to it. He knows the value of it. I am spiritual and know the value of it as well. I tend to worry, though, most about people who aren’t spiritual at all and are simple imbibers of media (social and broadcast). They don’t contemplate anything else. It’s just unthinking consumerism.

However, the author of the article is right that drinking TV whole by binge watching takes up an inordinate amount of time that could be devoted to something else more meaningful. I am in that category. In the evening, knitting and TV are my detoxes. I turn off my brain and heart. I could be doing something else more important. I’m not saying giving up my love of TV binge watching entirely…but I could certainly manage it better.

I guess I should start having some serious thoughts with myself about what I could be doing or should be doing instead!!!