Spirit By Nature

We are all spirit by nature; therefore all that we do is spiritual. Because one third of our whole being is spirit, we cannot even choose to be spiritual; it is what we are regardless — it is, in my mind, the very definition of being alive and being a human.

Seeking to live in a spiritual (or moral, ethical, thoughtful) way has not spared me from the normal peaks and valleys of human emotion or physical limitations. I live in the real world and I live a real life. I fail — I stumble — I fall. Sometimes, I have trouble getting back up! It is then that I have to realize that spirituality is a choice and a lifestyle; it’s not a means to an end. Spirituality to me is not a goal: it’s a process.

I am presented with many choices daily. What I  choose determines the character of the experience and its consequences. When I make a mistake, I look back on it and worry that I have wasted a part of my life fixing that mistake. So I strive to remember that it has brought me to this unique moment in my life.


Being a practicing Unitarian Universalist has really supported me in this process. I feel encouraged by UU’s dedication to appreciating a person’s individual path and journey. Its philosophy and world view inspires me and reassures me. When I am dispirited, I have a ready community of people who understand my journey and can bolster me. They help me rise up when I struggle — when my journey has stalled.

For as long as I am here, I shall seek to better my life and the lives of those around me. There are those who say humanity’s spirituality is in a state of arrest. I do not wish to be a part of that. We are all creators of our environment!