Song of the Disentranced

I am ashamed that we are spiritless now

non-existent & non-functional

without our technology, without our phones,

without our laptops, without our tablets.

You don’t need me, do you? You don’t need my presence.

You don’t need my body language. You don’t need my smile.

Why don’t you need my hug? Why don’t you need the touch of my skin?

I long for you to know my anger…my emptiness…my loneliness.

I long for you to forget your phone and not yourself feel empty or anxious or naked.

Don’t forget that I have eyes that behold the beauty of people

and if you would allow me, I would be enchanted with the beauty of you.

If you would let me.

If you would look deeply at me with your eyes.

See me.

Feel me.