Some Statements of Belief

Well just because I like to remind myself of what I believe in, I’ll repeat some belief statements I just made in another conversation here. it is good to have principles and to stand up for them.

1. Any time I can have a civil discussion I’ll try to have one. It is in my nature.

2. I don’t like judging a whole group of people on the actions of a few.

3. I also don’t think my political affiliation has anything to do with my compassionate regard for people [meaning, generalizing along party lines is an awful lot like generalizing along gender lines]

4. It is your right to dislike or like anyone you please. You also have a right to live your life according to your religious principles

5. .But I will also stand up against labeling entire groups of people based on the actions of just a few or a small percentage of them

6. Humanity — all humanity — is important to me. On a personal level I do not separate out segments of humanity that are not deserving of my spiritual compassion and regard. That is where I am coming from, emotionally and spiritually.

7. Many have forgiven, many will forgive, many will transcend what has happened to them and go on to perform great acts of courage, kindness, and compassion