On Racism…

While I believe everyone has a right to their opinion and the right to express it, even opinions that are ugly or hateful or exclusionary or racist, I say make your point and be done with it. Hitting people over the head constantly with it does no one any good. It wins no adherents, convinces no one, and just turns people off. A constructive discussion on race and racism is good — demeaning and badgering people not so good. The US is a hotbed right now, let’s not further the divisiveness, instead let us be together in peace in all our commonalities and in all our differences.

Nothing brings people together like adversity or conflict. Sounds counter intuitive, I know. But I believe it. When we are challenged by our beliefs, challenged by people who disagree (even virulently) we react, think, change, unify. It helps to clarify our beliefs.

To me racism is just scapegoating….i.e. “the world would be better if…” or “things are bad because of….” What is joyous to me is that Germany, who scapegoated several ethnicities, is NOW ACCEPTING 500,000 SYRIAN REFUGEES A YEAR. Oh, so beautiful to me.

Blessings to all in the whole world, you are blessed by Spirit and the Divine, you are all worthy human beings. All of you. Without exception. Even the racist guy, the bigot, the asshole, the jerk, he (she) too has the blessings of the Spirit who hopefully works through them and heals them of their anger and pain.

If you are wondering – yeah, this post was inspired by several threads that I saw on a Facebook forum and I could not help but respond….