Oh Great Spirit Who is the Soul of the Universe

O great spirit who is the soul of the universe
You are the Earth the Fire the Air and the Sea
You are the indwelling of my soul
and the manifestation all around me
The sum total of all the elements to become SPIRIT
Out of my own darkness, my own light reveals itself
In my shadows, there are lessons waiting
To be brought into consciousness
The Dark Goddess, Queen of Mysteries
Reveals to me the truth from the night.
And so the Dark Goddess becomes the Light Goddess –
The Unknown Lady transforms herself into The Revealed Lady
The joy that I have now that you are revealed to me!
The pleasure I have now that I hear your singing voice!
I will always hear you as the sweet angelus wafting in the wind
Come to me, come to me
Your sound —
Your speech —
Your message —
Directing my journey —
This blessing I do treasure it deeply
Without measure or condition
I embrace it wholly into my heart

(c) 2014-2015 Frances Ann Osborne