Love Is the Drug that I’m Thinking Of

Love is the Drug That I'm Thinking Of
Love is the Drug That I’m Thinking Of

I really didn’t have a plan when I drew this picture and then colored him in.  I  was actually thinking (originally) that I was drawing a spirit or a deity.  But he looked so suave, debonair, and sexy that I thought to myself “He’s thinking about LOVE!!!” And the Roxy Music song “Love Is The Drug” popped into my head. 

Love is indeed a drug and an addictive one at that. Better than all that chemical stuff that the pharmaceutical companies come up with (not against pharmaceuticals at all, I think they  are effective, useful, and have their proper place in medicine). Love trumps all of them, though.

Why? Because we forget that that the way that we feel does just as much as a “drug” does. In fact, it does more in my opinion than drugs alone.  Doctors dismiss the psychological effect of health care. (bad docs! bad docs!).  Sure, ibuprofen will reduce your pain and fever whether you believe it will or not. But why just say, “take 2 and call me in the morning”? Why not just also talk about how you feel about being sick?

Being sick isn’t just biological and doesn’t have just  biological cures or treatments. It has those. Don’t get me wrong. But we don’t generally also treat the heart and mind of a person as well.