I Do/Don’t Like Memes

If your job is to tell me how to do my job. you should at least know how to do my job.

My Objection:

People fill different functions in both life and the workplace. Meaning, there are people with specific skill sets that need to perform a specific job and there are organizers/managers who do the things that free up the skill set people to do their actual jobs. As an example, if you have a lab and a group of scientists, they need to do their lab work and do their science. They ain’t gonna want to do paperwork and business stuff. So, to ask the manager to be the scientist and the scientist to be a manager is impractical.

It’s what I hate (in general) about memes: they summarize something, make it sound good, but miss out on nuances and lead people on to think something that is inaccurate.

What I Do Love About Memes:

Sometimes, they are incredibly funny and make me laugh. Sometimes, even when inaccurate or illogical, they do encapsulate a feeling or objection or essential truth that probably ought to be discussed and worked out. In the case of this meme, people don’t like “idiots” telling them what to do — idiot in this case being people they define as “you don’t know what I am doing, or how I am doing it, but I am doing my job, so just shut up.”  I can understand this feeling. You know what you are doing and have your own method for doing it. You probably figure, “As long as the result is good, what is the problem with the method?”

But in the end: THEY are not doing YOUR job, and YOU of course are not doing THEIR job. Ya’ll have different functions that may be occasionally at odds with each other. And there’s always personality and methodological issues….good lord, that is probably a whole ‘nudder post. People’s interactions and chemistry in the workplace. Yikes! LOL.