For the Love of Animals

I have grieved deeply the loss of pets; some that were with me for years and some that were with me for just a short time. My addled old brain is filled with cats (and a few dogs here and there) I’ve lost due to various causes. I get a twinge in my heart when I think of particular one. My grief is about the loss I feel when they are gone from me; it is also about them as living souls and beings whose lives may have lived out the normal lifespan and those whose lives were cut short. I think pets represent the best of humanity, the perfect souls, the blissful joy of being with them.

I vaguely remember an aphorism that goes something like this: “don’t trust someone who’s not an animal lover.” How true this is for me! You may hate people (totally understandable and totally justified!!) but hate animals? What’s up with that? What have they ever done to you?

And an aside for those who love animals but are allergic to them, I can accept loving and caring for nature in general.
For example, having a garden, growing plants, planting trees, cultivating flowers, caring for the environment in which plants, insects, and animals can thrive.

I am a cat lover and have always had a cat or four in my life. Right now, as I type this post I have one cat “murrowing” i.e. “pet me now or I will die immediately” and another cat sharing my computer desk chair taking a nap. Blissful for me.