Family Jewels

If a family has an old person in it, it possesses a jewel,
More valuable than all the world’s possessions.
An old person is wrinkled love.
An old person is arthritic strength –
Toughness forged by pain.
Their hands are weak and achy,
For they have shaped the clay of life into human form.
They have raised the living.
They have lowered the dead.
What is in their hearts is deep and pulsating,
The warm blood of life.
This blood is your blood, this ache is your ache,
It is what you, in time, will pass on to your future.
Someday, you will be someone’s diamond —
Highly refined, heavily faceted, sparkling.
The shine of the past, the twinkle of sagacity.
Receive this jewel, pass it on.
©2015 Frances Ann Osborne