Dark Love

The night is dark.
Chocolate is dark.
Red wine is dark.
What does that tell me?
It tells me that love is dark.
Love is sweet.
Love is dark, sweet, and dangerous.
So do it. Be Dark.
Be Sweet. Be Dangerous.
Be Love.
These are all the good things
that we long for.
We can be love — and dark —
and dangerous — and sweet —
We can be anything we want to be
and it’s still love.
If you are reading this right now,
it means I love you and
let us be all these things together.
Let us spend the day together in love
and doing all the other things that go with love.
Let us hold hands, laugh,
and look secretively at each other.
Let us make the younger ones know
that love, life and fun do not die.
They live on inside of us, every day and in every way.
Because I want to teach that life is MORE colorful
when you are past wanting to please the world.
Instead you discover that true pleasing and true love
is expressed by being exactly who you are. Today.
Everyday. Now. Tomorrow. Forever.
(c) 2015 Frances Ann Osborne


The lines about chocolate, the night, wine, things I loved were the source of this poem. I hope you enjoy it. I think a lot when alone and doing ordinary things. In this case, I was in the car and going to the grocery story. I don’t know why I started thinking about night, wine, chocolate and love. But I do know that I often think about people being utterly themselves — without fear or worry. That if we all were utterly ourselves, we would not worry. We would all feel free to be authentic.