Church Shootings

In the wake of the Charleston Church Shooting, let us not forget the The Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church Shooting. July 27, 2008. My own denomination has been attacked in this way as well, but it did not get nearly the same media attention as the Charleston Church shooting. I am not complaining — just pointing out. All shootings need this kind of attention because, frankly, it’s awful and scary. Churches need to be safe places.

No church is immune, no church is exempt.

In the case of the Knoxvill UU church shooting, the shooter was motivated to kill Liberals and Democrats.

In the case of the Charleston Church shooting, the man was motivated by a hatred of African Americans. What was shocking to me was when the man said he almost didn’t do it because the church members were all so nice to me.  Well there goes any possibility of having an insanity defense!  People were loving, kind and accepting of  him, but in spite of that, it was more important to end their lives!!! For being the “wrong” color. He had that last moment to choose not to do something, and did it anyway.

This shocks me to my core. How someone can look nice caring loving people in the eye and still decide to terminate them. He obviously failed to see them as human beings deserving of the same right to life as himself. He obviously thinks that the color of one’s skin gives one the right to live or not to live. I cannot fathom this, I cannot wrap my head around it at all.

Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting
The Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church Shooting
Charleston Church Shooting