Invocation to the Earth

The Red Earth Below Me is My Body
It Supports Me in My Time of Need
The River Beside Me is My Blood
It Gives Me Drink in Times of Thirst
The Air Around Me is My Spirit
It Gives Me Breath to Live
The Stars in Heaven are My Sacred Home
They Give Me Something in which to Aspire

©2015 Frances Ann Osborne

The Gift of Our Very Human Grace

I do not believe in the Grace of God — because there may not be a god, any god, out there willing to donate some to me.
I have love and mercy within me….
but it is not a gift from a deity or the Universe.
I generate it within myself.
Grace is a practice rather than a divine gift.
Because we can give grace to ourselves and to others, but we often fail to do so.
We have to remember to offer it freely —
We have to remember to not expect anything in return for it —
This is most difficult to do!
Grace is an action on our part.
We live grace when we feed and clothe the less fortunate,
Live it when we forgive and forget,
Realize it when we offer of ourselves to those who do not need it,
Do not deserve it,
Do not want it.
Because it’s easy to deliver grace to the grateful, to the needy,
To the deserving, to the pleasing, to the desiring.
And certainly we should give it to those people!
But our true measure is the gift of our grace to the ugly,
To the repulsive ones, the unwashed, unwanted and unwanting,
To the angry, to those who are difficult to bear.

©2015 Frances Ann Osborne

Family Jewels

If a family has an old person in it, it possesses a jewel,
More valuable than all the world’s possessions.
An old person is wrinkled love.
An old person is arthritic strength –
Toughness forged by pain.
Their hands are weak and achy,
For they have shaped the clay of life into human form.
They have raised the living.
They have lowered the dead.
What is in their hearts is deep and pulsating,
The warm blood of life.
This blood is your blood, this ache is your ache,
It is what you, in time, will pass on to your future.
Someday, you will be someone’s diamond —
Highly refined, heavily faceted, sparkling.
The shine of the past, the twinkle of sagacity.
Receive this jewel, pass it on.
©2015 Frances Ann Osborne

Be Kind.

Be Kind.
What is kindness other than affectionate understanding?
Reach out and touch my arm
I am all for the connection that we might make.
When we touch —
Whether it’s our eyes, our ears, our hands, our hearts —
We reveal our kindness to each other.
For what is kindness other than loving benevolence?
I have in myself the heartfelt benevolence that we all crave.
I feel it for you. I do.
You must trust in that — when you doubt,
Tell me and I will reach out and touch lightly your arm.
My eyes will sparkle and look deeply into your glowing eyes.
We will shine together as one.

©2015Frances Ann Osborne

The Vision Singer

Whomever sings with their eyes
Has no need for voice or hands.
For the mind has its own melody and rhythm.
Its own descant.
The mind dreams its own song.
Its tune is ethereal and angelic —
Heard only by the spirits.
When I am able to understand a faint fragment of it,
I am possessed by its delirium.
The music cannot be sung or played by the earth-bound,
Nor heard by living flesh.
There are lyrics no human language can replicate or translate,
No sounds fully mimicked by fashioned instruments.
This is all there is for us.

©Frances Ann Osborne

The Distant Plough

A plough seen in the distance
Earth-changer, soil-breaker
Stirs up the redolence of the world
A sensory pleasure of warm loam
Knowing that the furrows sustain our being
By cradling life’s beginnings
Making way for the sower…preparing the land
For the living process

©2015 Frances Ann Osborne

The Element of Earth: Roots

A tree’s roots spread downward
Holding soil and EARTH together.
Tendrils spread through layers
Spreading languidly through the ground
Much like the arch of lightening
Spreads quickly through the air.
Roots all the way down through the planet,
Think of that….imagine that…
Roots that grab the world like a clenched fist,
And keep the world held together in a ball.
Roots that keep the rain from stealing
Land from our feet.
Grab the soil with your hands
And rub the living ground between your fingers.
This earth is ALIVE and contains spirit within it.

(c) 2014 Frances Ann Osborne

Oh Great Spirit Who is the Soul of the Universe

O great spirit who is the soul of the universe
You are the Earth the Fire the Air and the Sea
You are the indwelling of my soul
and the manifestation all around me
The sum total of all the elements to become SPIRIT
Out of my own darkness, my own light reveals itself
In my shadows, there are lessons waiting
To be brought into consciousness
The Dark Goddess, Queen of Mysteries
Reveals to me the truth from the night.
And so the Dark Goddess becomes the Light Goddess –
The Unknown Lady transforms herself into The Revealed Lady
The joy that I have now that you are revealed to me!
The pleasure I have now that I hear your singing voice!
I will always hear you as the sweet angelus wafting in the wind
Come to me, come to me
Your sound —
Your speech —
Your message —
Directing my journey —
This blessing I do treasure it deeply
Without measure or condition
I embrace it wholly into my heart

(c) 2014-2015 Frances Ann Osborne

Be Luminous.

Be Luminous. Because you can be.
The only reason you are not luminous
Is because you have draped yourself in dark cloth.
Perhaps you love the moon, but why be the dark moon?
Why not be the bright full moon?
Be your Fulsome Self. Because you can be.
The only reason you are not fulsome
Is because you reduce yourself to nothing.
Perhaps you love a full harvest, but why be a scanty one?
Why not be a cornucopia?
There is no such thing as too much overflowing,
We are not flooding rivers after all.
We are meant to be too much, too often, too intense.
Too excessive, too exorbitant.
And for this I am too thankful.

©2015 Frances Ann Osborne