Resilience: It’s What’s For Breakfast

A strong woman knows how weak she is. Strength comes from knowing she has weakness and can work through it. Strength comes from remembering all the times she has failed, lost, fallen over and yet persevered. Strength knows that all this will happen again and that she will survive it. So she does not have to say “I am strong.” She only has to say “I am weak, but I have survived and overcome and will do the same tomorrow.”

This is why strength and weakness are the same.

Weakness makes one strong — it tempers you with experience.

Strength makes you weak — because strength has embraced the weakness, acknowledges it, and uses it.

Be strong, be weak, be you.

©2015 Frances Ann Osborne

The Gift of Our Very Human Grace

I do not believe in the Grace of God — because there may not be a god, any god, out there willing to donate some to me.
I have love and mercy within me….
but it is not a gift from a deity or the Universe.
I generate it within myself.
Grace is a practice rather than a divine gift.
Because we can give grace to ourselves and to others, but we often fail to do so.
We have to remember to offer it freely —
We have to remember to not expect anything in return for it —
This is most difficult to do!
Grace is an action on our part.
We live grace when we feed and clothe the less fortunate,
Live it when we forgive and forget,
Realize it when we offer of ourselves to those who do not need it,
Do not deserve it,
Do not want it.
Because it’s easy to deliver grace to the grateful, to the needy,
To the deserving, to the pleasing, to the desiring.
And certainly we should give it to those people!
But our true measure is the gift of our grace to the ugly,
To the repulsive ones, the unwashed, unwanted and unwanting,
To the angry, to those who are difficult to bear.

©2015 Frances Ann Osborne

I Salute the Light Within Your Eyes

I salute the light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be one.” – Crazy Horse

How difficult it is, and how lovely it would be, to be one with each other. To truly know each other as mirror’s of each other. To intimately know the uniqueness of another and take that uniqueness on as part of ourselves.

We would literally never be able to see another person as “other.”  We would only be capable of looking into the face of a human being and see ourselves. Think how this would change our world! Think how our priorities —  financial and emotional and philosophical — would change.


Sakshi, “The Observer”

In the yoga classes I have been going to, the teacher keeps mentioning “The Witness” so I looked it up. From Wikipedia:

Sakshi or Sākśī (Sanskrit: साक्षी) means – ‘observer’, ‘eye-witness’ or the ‘Supreme Being’ or the ‘ego’.[1] In Hindu philosophy, the word, Sākshī or ‘witness’ refers to the ‘Pure Awareness’ that witnesses the world but does not get affected or involved. Sakshi is beyond time, space and the triad of experiencer, experiencing and experienced; sakshi witnesses all thoughts, words and deeds without interfering with them or being affected by them, other than sakshi there is nothing else in the entire universe.

This sounds like Panentheism to me (which is where I think am on the theism scale) and so I looked up Panentheism to make sure, and sure enough:
from Wikipedia

Panentheism: Like Pantheism, the belief that the physical universe is joined to a god or gods. However, it also believes that a god or gods are greater than the material universe. Examples include most forms of Vaishnavism.

Wow. Maybe I am getting closer to figuring out what I am spiritually! (Though I do not think I would ever consider converting to Hinduism) I consider the Universe to be a deity, or at least deity-like but it’s not involved, it’s non-moral or perhaps has its own agenda that I do not fathom. It’s good to know that other religions have defined something that I have been working out inside of myself.

The Missing Truth

Let’s discuss truth.
Let’s talk about the things we refuse to mention or the things we avoid.
Whether we say the truth or not.. we still notice it, we recognize it, we internalize it.
We hope that if we look away, the truth will not be noticed — it will disappear into the void.
I try the forgetfulness road, the never looking back, in the hopes that the truth disappears with the sun.
I want to recreate a NEW truth each morning with arriving sun.
There’s an honesty I long for, a radical honesty, a deep truth that is touchable.
Please say to me that you long for the same thing — the truth that is found and in front of us.

©2015 France Ann Osborne

You want me to feel good about myself?

You want to make me feel good about myself?
Tell me that you love all my books…
Tell me that you love me for my mind….
Tell me I have a fabulous child….
Tell me you think my cats are the best ones you have ever seen…
Tell me you’re grateful I’m liberal and non-judgemental…
Tell me you value my friendship…
Tell me you are happy that I want to be healthy and fit…
Tell me you want to come over and hang out with me just for the heck of it….

You want me to feel bad about myself?
Tell me I look sooo much better now that I’ve lost all that weight (because I was so ugly before)….
Tell me you like my new clothes (because secretly you hated all my old ones)
Tell me over and over that I’m shrinking (because I was gargantuan before)…
Tell me that surely I’ll get a boyfriend now! (because my value resides in having a partner or being sexually attractive)….

How does a person like to be appreciated? How do they like their friends to express their friendship?

What are people REALLY like on the inside? There’s only one way to find out!!! Get to know what they are thinking and feeling! If you are reading this right now, you are on my friends list and I would love nothing better than to hang out with you some afternoon and get to know you — really get to know you, what you are thinking and feeling. What’s your history? What’s in your heart? And I hope, deeply and sincerely, that you would love to spend a few hours doing the same with me.