Being A Judgement Free Zone

I don’t share memes very often because I think that there are too many memes posted on FB. But I’m posting this one. Yesterday a group of friends and I were talking about judgement. It was specifically said “We don’t judge you. No one judges you.” I like a judgement free zone, because I would not want to be judged for my frequent failings (I’m hard enough as it is on my own failings) so I do not want to judge others.

Often our first impulse is to judge. That’s natural, it’s normal! But if you can catch yourself doing that, or if someone points out that you’re doing it, and you work on it, more power to you.

In my mind, one of the most generous things you can give a person is a safe place to be vulnerable. To be a calm, quiet, accepting, loving presence. It can be hard to do or easy to do, depending on whom you are with. It’s easy to do if you like and love the person. It’s difficult to do when you don’t like the person or are uncomfortable with the person.

Be a judgement free zone: Try it, you’ll like it!